Moin, I'm Firas 👋👋

I'm a Software developer, a tech enthusiast, optimist, community builder and a lifelong learner. I'm passionate about web development, data analytics, and cloud computing. Also am a huge fan of aviation and space exploration. I'm a big believer in the power of volunteering and the importance of giving back to the community.

Frankfurt Street downtown
Firas GHRIBI's group of friends taking a selfie in Amsterdam
Firas GHRIBI's picture in Pulverteich Hamburg, where behind him there is a graffiti wall
Firas GHRIBI is taking a picture of the storefront of the Gucci Store in Frankfurt
Firas GHRIBI is taking a picture of a canal in Konstanz, Germany
Firas GHRIBI is attending Metallica's concert in Hamburg, Germany 2023

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I'm passionate about sharing the marvels of flight with the world. Join me on a journey through the skies as I showcase thrilling aviation videos, from stunning take-offs and landings! Welcome to my YouTube channel dedicated to aviation